Health and Nutrition Coaching

If you have lifestyle goals that have been frustrating or eluding you (ie weight loss, fat loss, eating healthy and exercising regularly) working with a wellness coach will get you on track. This is the big picture approach–exercise alone does not always result in weight loss, and permanently changing nutrition habits can be a daunting task. This is not about dieting, cutting out entire food groups, or attempting an unrealistic exercise regimen. This is about making small, effective, and permanent lifestyle changes that work for YOU. A coach provides guidance to identify exactly what your goals are, help make a plan and a timeline to get you there, and most importantly give continued support and accountability so you stay on track.

How It Works

2 options:

1) Dietary Assessment and Starting Recommendations

You complete at least 3 days of food tracking with an app like MyFitnessPal. Johanna will review and then you will set up a 1 hour phone consult. We will discuss your goals, your activity and lifestyle, and your current eating habits. Then we’ll work together to formulate a starting plan with some recommendations of changes to diet/exercise and how to begin to implement those recommendations. This call will be followed up with a lengthy email summary.

Cost: $150

2) 1 Month Coaching

Everything above, plus continued support each week with check-ins over email or text. Each week we will set specific, small goals (nutrition and/or exercise) to work on and the follow-ups will help you stay on track with those goals. You will be expected to track your food using an app like MyFitnessPal for the duration of the month. By the end of 4 weeks you will have established some new, healthier habits that you can continue on your own. This package comes with a tailored fitness plan for the 4 weeks.

Cost: $450

Fill out this form if you have any further questions. You can also be put in touch with a previous coaching client of Johanna’s to inquire about their experience and success.

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