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All programs begin with a baseline assessment, including discussion of your current and past health history, your goals, and a basic movement screen to identify any imbalances in your body. Optional assessments include circumference measurements and fitness testing. Each client will receive a personalized program based on individual goals, but everyone can expect to cultivate a strong core, good posture, and flexibility — key elements for a lifetime of wellness.

Training sessions can be one-on-one, partners, or small group. Training with a buddy is fun, motivating, AND more affordable.


Johanna completed her 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher Training in the Vinyasa and Power yoga traditions at The Studio DC. Vinyasa and Power yoga link movement and breath while maintaining continuous movement throughout the session. This builds heat in the body, which allows tight muscles to lengthen and relax, and creates a greater physical challenge that increases strength and flexibility. You do not need to be flexible already in order to do yoga; in fact, lack of flexibility is a perfect reason to get started. Come check out a lunchtime class in Playa Vista, or schedule a private yoga session.


Training Specialties

– Flexibility and Injury Prevention for Runners

As an avid runner herself, Johanna works with runners and other athletes looking to improve their mobility, prevent injuries and become more efficient in their sport. These sessions will contain a mix of yoga postures, myofascial release, and hip/core strengthening moves.

– Fitness Programs for the Young At Heart

Don’t let aging stop you in your tracks–Johanna is experienced working with older clients who want to keep up with an active lifestyle. Build strength and stamina, improve balance, decrease joint pain, and maintain bone density (yes, it all CAN be done!) with a safe, progressive, and fun program. Johanna also has extensive experience working with those with Parkinson’s, as well as total knee and hip replacements.

– Pre and Post-natal Fitness

What an incredible time in your life – but so much change and so many things on your mind can be overwhelming. If staying active and supporting a healthy pregnancy and labor is a goal of yours, having the guidance of a qualified and experienced trainer is highly recommended. Learn how to properly do kegels; which core exercises are a big no-no and which are effective; address diastasis recti; and more.






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Note: For clients with medical or orthopedic concerns wishing to begin an exercise program, written physician’s clearance is required prior to first session.

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